Aberdeen Riding Club Supports EGSF

Aberdeen Riding Club generously donated £500 to the Equine Grass Sickness Fund in 2010 to support research in to Grass Sickness.

Aberdeen Riding Club is a non-profit making club providing riding instruction and livery for anyone in the North East of Scotland. The company has grown in size since it began in 1993, and now has over 400 riding members, 40 horses on livery and 40 riding school horses and ponies. The club is based on a 120 acre farm, and manages all its grassland themselves, explaining why they take such a keen interest in grass sickness and are keen to support the Equine Grass Sickness Fund.

Sally McCarthy, Aberdeen Riding Club Director, said “We are in a very lucky position in that the company has become successful enough in the last few years, that we can now donate funds to charities that we wish to support, as well as providing subsidised training for people who we feel would benefit from it. The Equine Grass Sickness Fund was one that we had identified to support in 2010, and the talk organized by Dukes Veterinary Practice and Professor Bruce McGorum was the ideal opportunity for us to make a donation. Luckily, we have never suffered from a case of grass sickness on our premises, however, it is a horrific disease that every horse owner fears, and I feel that the Fund does an excellent job in raising awareness and funding research, hence our decision to make a donation.”