Boost for grass sickness research as EGSF launches ambitious five year plan

The Moredun Foundation Equine Grass Sickness Fund is asking for support as it launches an unprecedented five year research plan.

This will see the development of a critical mass of scientists focussing on the disease in different ways, keeping the pressure up on familiar suspects such as mycotoxins and clostridium botulinum, but also taking a multi-disciplinary approach to shine new light on the disease.

A biobank of relevant samples and case reports will be developed as a badly needed resource for EGS researchers, as well as novel in vitro techniques of interrogating causal agents.

Horse owners can take participate in the research drive by becoming ambassadors to raise awareness in their own area, reporting cases where they occur and submitting samples to the biobank.

More importantly we cannot do this without substantial investment in new research projects. You can help by organising a fundraiser or simply making a donation. Every little helps us towards our goal of discovering the cause of this deadly disease and protecting the horses of future generations

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