Can you help us with EGS vaccine trial recruitment?

The EGS vaccine trial is funded by research grants and donations and also by the fantastic fundraising efforts of dedicated horse owners who have experienced the devastating effects of the disease. The EGS vaccine trial team are making every effort to limit the trial’s running costs wherever possible and to help us save some of our funding, we would be exceptionally grateful if any owners who have requested an owner information pack but are not eligible or are not able to take part in the trial, to pass the pack on to someone who might be interested in taking part. Please pass your information pack, enrolment forms and reply-paid envelopes to any other owners in your area who might be interested in finding out more about the trial. Alternatively, you might consider leaving your owner information pack on display at a local equestrian establishment, tack shop, or feed merchants.

We need to recruit over 1,000 horses and ponies in order for the EGS vaccine trial to give us a clear indication of whether the vaccine can help to reduce the risk of disease, and we still have a number of places to fill.