Candyfloss meets the back lady…

Cady post massageLeanne McDonald got in touch with this lovely photo of Candy, who survived EGS last year.

“I just wanted to share Candy’s day with you. I got a back lady out to Candy today, for a couple of reasons, firstly to see if there was a reason for her buckaroo moments and also to see if EGS might be a reason for her back feeling uncomfortable.
This photo was taken after the session, the lady spent nearly 2hrs with Candy, working on her back. Candy had a rotated pelvis which the she worked on, very tight, tense muscles, in her back, it was fascinating to watch.
We don’t really know how much of the tension in Candys back was due to the EGS and her stances while she was ill. And her being so tense during the EGS. Its bound to have had some effect.
I do know I’m so glad she’s had the work and massage today, seeing her so chilled and relaxed afterwards was awesome. I thought I would share it just in case like me, you haven’t ever had any dealings with back work or horsey physios. It might just help!
Peace man, sound asleep. I reckon she really enjoyed that :)”