Chronic EGS Survey

Please help with a new research study of chronic EGS.

Together with the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, the Animal Health Trust is conducting a new research study investigating the chronic form of EGS. All owners who have experienced a case of chronic EGS within the past five years are eligible to participate in this questionnaire survey.

Recent data from the EGS surveillance scheme shows that around one-third of animals suffering from EGS develop the chronic form of the disease, of which approximately half may be expected to survive, with the majority of these making a complete recovery. However, there is limited information regarding the duration and extent of recovery, or factors that may affect recovery from chronic EGS. Additionally, there is little published evidence regarding clinical signs which veterinary surgeons and horse owners can use predict the likelihood of survival in affected horses and ponies. This study aims to investigate this further by exploring the management, treatment and outcome of chronic EGS cases.

To take part, please visit and click on the Chronic EGS Survey link.