Clinical signs of EGS are not always what you expect #warning you may find these photos upsetting

Nibbles and Ninja were sadly lost to EGS shortly after these photos were taken. Their owner was shocked and devastated to lose them so quickly and asked us to share these photos to raise awareness that the clinical presentation of EGS is not always what you might expect, with the classic whippet-like appearance and ‘elephant on a drum’ stance seen in chronic cases. In acute and subacute cases the signs can be very subtle and can be difficult to diagnose, often being mistaken for colic. Please be aware of the clinical presentation and if in any doubt call your vet immediately.

Nibbles 3 hours before he collapsed and died

Ninja 10 minutes before she was put to sleep

There will be a fundraising event on Anglesey on Saturday 8th September, please support this if you can: EGS Awareness Horse and Dog Fundraiser Show