EGS orphan wins at Musselburgh races

One of our supporters sent us a Happy New Year note with this lovely story!

‘6 years ago we lost a lovely mare to EGS. This was terrible but what was even worse she had a 3 week old foal at foot. We managed, after a few days hand rearing him, to get a surrogate mum in the shape of a Clydesdale mare! Our local STV news heard about this and came up to do a little article on our story at the time.

SammyAnyway they both had a lovely few years together whilst Sammy was growing up and his surrogate Mum obviously did a very good job because on January 6th at Musselburgh racecourse Sammy ran a race and he won!!! He didn’t have EGS himself but was a very young victim of this in losing his mother.’