The Fabulous Fives EGS Awareness Rides

1 Banner Candy 17 July 2013Readers of our newsletter will have heard of a series of rides scheduled to take place over two weekends in May 2014. These rides are to commemorate the lives lost to EGS and celebrate the survivors. Anyone, anywhere can join in, either by organising a ride, joining a ride, or organising another fundraiser. Please contact the organiser or your local BHS Development Officer if you would like to take part or organise a ride in your area.

To date the rides are:

18/5 Tortworth (Gloucestershire) – Organiser Abi Jeffrey

18/5 Rotherham, South Yorkshire – Orgnaiser Katy Oxley

25/5/ Balmoral, Grampian – Organiser BHS Scotland

25/5 Maybole (South Ayrshire) – Organiser Claire Steel

25/5 Northumberland – Organiser Lillian Leck

25/5 Grantham (Lincolnshire) – Organiser Julie Doorne

25/5 Lossiemouth (Moray) – Candy’s Ride, Organiser Leanne MacDonald

25/5 Black Isle (Highland) – Organiser Gina Duff

25/5/ Anglesey – Organiser Rhian Eleri

25/5 Creswell (Nottinghamshire) – Coloured Cob Centre, Organiser Andrea Jones

25/5 South East Northumberland – Organiser Ruth Webb

25/5 South Downs, East Sussex – Orgnaiser Kerri Mollik

For further details please join at: Facebook Fabulous Fives Awareness Rides, or contact the EGSF Office 0131 445 6257