Webinars – get involved in grass sickness research

We have organised two webinars in March to launch our EGS Fellowship Project, and more specifically to explain to vets and horse and pony owners how to play your part as EGS detectives.

Both events are free and at 7.30-8.30 pm. Vets on 23rd March and horse and pony owners on 25th March.

Please register HERE FOR VETS (Tues 23rd March 7.30pm)

Please register HERE FOR HORSE AND PONY OWNERS (Thurs 25th March 7.30pm)

For the future of Equine Grass Sickness research, we rely on the help of equine vets and horse owners to raise awareness of this dreadful disease, report cases and support us with our national EGS biobank project. Samples from affected horses as well as relevant controls (e.g. co-grazing horses) are vital in advancing our research on EGS and will help us to understand why some horses are more susceptible to the disease than others. Samples taken from the environment of the affected horses, such as soil, herbage and water, along with a questionnaire about the horse and its associated pasture, will provide cues to the underlying causes or triggers of the disease. Hence, both of these sample sets combined makes the EGS biobank an invaluable resource to us and we would greatly appreciate your support with our research.

We will provide you with sampling kits, prepaid postage labels, as well as detailed written and video sampling instructions. We are always available for any questions or concerns for any aspect of your participation and you will be updated on the progress of our biobank project and EGS research.

If you are interested in supporting our EGS research, please join the relevant webinar to hear about our new EGS research project and how your contribution can make a change to the future of research into this disease.