In Memory of Maggie

On 11th July 2013 Alex Drake’s beautiful five year old Welsh D Maggie was lying down having a snooze – nothing too unusual. She was reluctant to stand, and although Alex managed to get her up and walking round the arena, every time she stopped Maggie would want to lie down again.


Concerned, she called the vet who advised her it could be colic and to keep her walking. After 2 hours she seemed to be worse and the vet was called again. This time the vet came and sedated Maggie whilst he carried out some tests. He said it looked like her gut was paralysed and it could be grass sickness – Alex’s initial reaction was relief, ‘nothing too bad then’, until the vet said ‘You haven’t heard of it have you, it is invariably fatal.’

Maggie was transferred to the veterinary hospital for further tests and other possible diagnoses to be ruled out, yet on Saturday 13th July. just 36 hours later, Alex received the phone call she dreaded on her way in to visit Maggie – she had not made it and had had to be put to sleep before Alex could get there.

Maggies2Devastated, Alex turned to the internet to research the disease. She could not believe that a disease she had never heard of could take her horse so quickly. Not only had she never heard of it, but neither had any of her friends or other horsey contacts. A little research revealed that a vaccine trial is on the horizon, yet with £500,000 required for the trial to go ahead. Alex determined to do what she can, and has organised a fundraiser to take place on Sunday 18th August at Wilsden Equestrian Centre in West Yorkshire.

Through the generosity of friends and local businesses a tremendous array of prizes has been amassed, and tickets are now on sale at £5 (£3 children) each including entry into the raffle. There will be a tombola, pony rides, face painting, nail art, food, many different stalls and demonstrations including show jumping by Russell Wright, Katie Ashford Horse Physio and Alison Mason from Barnsby saddlery.

Maggie3Stall holders are also welcome at £7 per stall.

To buy tickets or book a stall please email or phone Alex on 07732 314521.

The Family Funday takes place at Wilsden Equestrian Centre, Hope Well, Bob Lane, Wilsden BD15 0LQ