One Day Equiculture Course – Stirling


ONE DAY EQUICULTURE COURSE (Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses) with Jane Myers Msc (Equine) (an international speaker on the subject of sustainable horse keeping).

THE COURSE: The course is aimed at horse owners that either own their own land (including livery yard owners and riding school owners), lease land or keep their horse/s on livery (so that’s everyone!). It is about how you can make small or large changes in horse management that both improve your horse’s ‘lifestyle’ and in turn, your lifestyle. A true win-win situation.
These are JUST SOME of the things you will learn about:
• The differences between the free living (wild/feral) equine ‘lifestyle’ and the domestic equine ‘lifestyle’.
• Domestic grazing behaviour and how it affects equine management.
• The essential things that you need to know about pasture and grasses.
• Simple ways that you can ‘improve’ the pasture that your horse/s live on.
• How to become a desirable land manager/custodian (and therefore be more likely to be considered for leasing land or improve your chances of getting any potential development plans passed).
• Essential information about equines and obesity.
• An integrated pest management approach to manure management plus how to turn manure into an asset rather than a liability.
• How you can make changes to your horse management regime that will improve welfare, reduce costs, reduce your workload AND be good for the land all at the same time.
• All about THE EQUICENTRAL SYSTEM (a horse welfare/good environmental management horse and land care system that is a win-win all round).
• How you can assess what you already have and use that to improve equine welfare/management etc.
• And lots more…

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: Light refreshments provided, please bring own packed lunch. You may also want to bring a notepad and pen. Our books are available for sale on the day, so if you prefer to just listen you might prefer to buy a book instead (but you certainly will not be pressured into buying books). Check out this page if you might be buying so that you get an idea of how much money to bring. We do take credit cards/PayPal but it is dependent on us having a good signal at the venue.

St Mary’s Church Hall, Dunblane, Sterlingshire, Scotland. Directions to the church hall can be found at

TIMES: Starts 10.30am prompt (registration from 10am), finishes no later than 3.45pm (so plenty of time to see to your horse/s before and after).

INVESTMENT: £40.00 per person, £60 per couple from the same address.

BOOKINGS: or… for more payment options see the Workshops and Clinics page of our website

FURTHER INFO: For more information about us and what we do have a look at our website and in the links on this page