Shetland? Respect an electric fence? I think not…

Gina Duff is very kindly sendng updates from Leanne as she is now in remote country and without a signal.

Day 5: Team Candyfoxybelle were walking further today in order to get to a more sheltered spot to wait out stormy weather which is due to hit. They are wild camping tonight with Leanne and Foxy in their tent and Candy and little Tinkerbelle in their corral. Being a typical Shetland, Tink has no respect for electric fencing, except the super charged mains energisers. She will be tethered to prevent her wandering off through the Cairngorms National Park.
Leanne sounded pretty upbeat when Gina spoke to her earlier today although she says her confidence has been shaken by her ordeal with the river crossing (she had to detour off route to avoid a busy road with lorries charging along and found there was no way round the river, no way over it and she had to go through it). She is an inspiration to us all, walking through the wilds of Scotland in order to raise awareness and much needed money for research into Grass Sickness. So another huge kick up the bum for GS. Keep on ‪#‎kickingEGSbutt‬ . Gina