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Suregrow Raises £600 for Equine Grass Sickness Fund

A successful facebook campaign by Suregrow has raised £600 to support the work of the Equine Grass Sickness Fund (EGSF) and helped to further raise awareness of this devastating disease.

Accepting a cheque from Suregrow, EGSF administrator Kate Thomson said, “The Equine Grass Sickness Fund is delighted to receive this generous donation from Suregrow. We are the only registered charity in the UK raising funds specifically for research into grass sickness, and play a leading role in working towards identifying the cause and further improving the treatment of chronic cases. Recently, substantial progress has been made on the role of Clostridium butulinum, but there is still much work to be done.” Kate, pictured left, recently took over from Joyce McIntosh, right, who retired in December after over 20 years with the Fund.


Jonathan Cox from Suregrow said simply ‘Thanks to everyone who joined the Suregrow facebook community and helped make this so successful.”

Philippa Gammell, chairman of the EGSF said, “Grass sickness is a devastating disease that causes gut paralysis in the horse. Research is continuing to find the cause, and the Equine Grass Sickness Fund would like to thank Suregrow for this novel and generous way of helping raise funds towards research.”

Suregrow Fertiliser

Suregrow Fertiliser, the choice of event riders Oliver Townend, Ruth Edge and Caroline Powell, is also used by dressage icon Richard Davison, who says, “Our horses enjoy their turnout time, and by ensuring the grass they graze provides a correct mineral and trace element profile, it offers the potential to contribute significantly to their diet and well being, which is very important to me.”

Suregrow is a unique fertiliser specially for horse and pony paddocks, containing a slower release form of nutrients proven in trials to produce more sustained, better quality grass growth over a longer period, and to facilitate uptake of nutrients essential to wellbeing.

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