Survivors Parade RHS 2015

Huge thanks to the participants in our 2015 Survivors Parade at the Royal Highland Show. Led by the amazing Candyfloss, who walked almost 300 miles to join the parade, and joined by shetland Eva, Bart, Sky, Breeze and Sandy, the parade was a trememndous succcess. survivors parade whole team 2We are very grateful to owners Leanne MacDonald, Jane Barry, Kenny Samuel, Jane Webster, Debbie Stewart and Katy Clarke for coming along and presenting their horses so beautifully. Congratulations to you all on your wonderful survivors who are all looking so well on the love and care that they have received.survivors parade whole team

We are also deeply indebted to The Royal Highland Show for granting permission to hold the parade and to Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare for providing a recorded commentary about grass sickness, and to Robert Hogarth for his entertaining introduction to the horses and ponies in the parade.

Candy sported a Rainbow Rosettte made by Liza Batiste which carried the names of many horses and ponies lost to grass sickness. The rosette will be framed and hung at the EGSF office to celebrate Candy’s incredible walk, the survivors of grass sickness and to remember all the lives lost to EGS.rainbow rosette

Here are a few photos of the parade – more to follow!

survivors parade candy & co survivors parade lizzie & co   SP Breeze SP Eva SP Sandy SP SkySP Bart