Vicky (and Alfie) take on the 2020 London Marathon for grass sickness

Congratulations to Vicky Sinski who will represent EGSF in the 2020 London Marathon. With direct experience of grass sickness as well as running ability and fundraising experience, Vicky ticks all our boxes! We had many excellent applicants, making it a very difficult choice. Thank you to all who came forward and hopefully your chance will come!

Alfie’s battle with grass sickness

Back in 2017 Vicky’s 9 year old welsh cob Alfie developed grass sickness. He spent seven weeks in Hambledon Equine Hospital, before moving back home under the care of Swale Vets. It was a emotionally and financially draining time, but gradually Alfie regained weight.

Alfie having lost 150kgs

Nursing a chronic case – 100% a team effort

“It takes a whole team to nurse a horse with grass sickness. My team was huge and for that I can never thank them all enough”

Vicky is full of praise for the support she received whilst Alfie was ill. The vets at the hospital and her own practice, the farrier, physio, wonderful yard owner, feed store, family, friends and work colleagues. Everybody pulled together and contributed to Alfie’s survival.

Against the odds Alfie pulled through his roller coaster battle, even becoming rather a celebrity in his own right. He met and inspired many people during his illness with his refusal to give up. He still struggles with eating hay, but otherwise is happy, cheeky and full of energy – a typical welshie! Alfie and Vicky have been together since he was a foal. She can’t imagine how she would feel if things had gone the other way, and is full of sadness for those that are not so fortunate.

Funding grass sickness research is vital

Nothing I do and no distance I have to run could be as hard as having to nurse him back to full health, that was a marathon in its own right

At the Grass Sickness Conference in 2018 Vicky realised how much is being done to discover the cause of the disease. How could she help? The London Marathon had long been a target, yet like so many she was never successful in the ballot. Despite having run several fell races, half marathons and obstacle races, the marathon distance still seems a distant dream. Spurred on by Alfie’s battle Vicky is determined to complete the distance and do her bit to save other horses from suffering.

Vicky at the 2018 Great North Run

London Marathon, a dream come true

We are grateful to Vicky for taking on this challenge, and believe she will absolutely smash it! Let’s all get behind her to raise awareness of this devastating disease.

Vicky and Alfie are doing it for us all, for grass sickness research. Please donate here