Week 3 begins for Team Candy!

And the journey continues, less about the mountains now and more about meandering along quiet roads and across meadows, with scenery like an advert for Visit Scotland. Candy on roadThankfully the sun has come out and given them a break from the constant wind and rain that has marked the last couple of weeks. They have received endless kindness from those they have met along the way, who have gone out of their way to ease their journey.

Now just south of Killin, the team make their way towards Callandar, Aberfoyle and Drymen before heading east along the canals towards Edinburgh.Candy Leanne and Tink If you live along the way and would like to be involved please get in touch by emailing info@grasssickness.org.uk and we will pass that on to them.

Candy waterfall   boots corral





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